Professional Builder | Green Zone 2012

Moscone Center, San Francisco
November 14-16
Compact Living

Compact Living

Paragidm (Net-Zero) design maximizes the sense of spaciousness inside and connection to the outside. The interior volume is left open without partitions other than those separating the bath and mechanical room from the living space. The large scale sliding doors extend from floor to ceiling allowing the space to literally flow unto the deck reinforcing the perception of expansiveness and the connection to the environment. Cladding materials—reclaimed cedar and corten steel—do not require maintenance and anchor the building in the environment allowing it to age gracefully into its surroundings. 

The CNC cut corten wing, which supports the photovoltaic array also acts as a screen modulating interior day lighting and regulating heat loads by minimizing the unwanted summer mid-day sun while allowing the low winter sun to heat the interior.