Professional Builder | Green Zone 2012

Moscone Center, San Francisco
November 14-16
Green Living

Green Living

LEED for Homes is a national rating system for assessing the “green” performance of a home, from how well its location promotes non-motorized trips, to its energy and water conservation and indoor air quality protection measures. LEED for Homes is part of the USGBC family of LEED ratin ms, purpose-designed to accurately reflect the performance of residential projects–single-family and multi-family. LEED for Homes evaluates design decisions, but also requires construction quality management planning, construction inspections and performance testing to ensure the finished home was built to the design intent and will perform as intended. 

The Paradigm (Net-Zero) house, based on its planned location in Mendocino, CA is projected to earn a LEED Platinum certification, earning the following points by category: 

  • Innovation and Design 5
  • Locations and Linkages 0
  • Sustainable Sites 18
  • Water Efficiency 15
  • Energy and Atmosphere 38
  • Materials and Resources 11
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 14
  • Awareness and Education 2