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Bogue Trondowski Architects

We are a young and energetic firm. Our aesthetic is one of restraint, our spaces generous. Sometimes we are even witty and poetic. Most importantly we never forget that the construction process is an interdisciplinary endeavor.

Established relationships with respected engineering firms and construction industry consultants anchor every project. These relationships allow for innovative design backed up by solid experience and a deep understanding of the overall process from first design meeting to commissioning. Bogue Trondowski Architects has ongoing projects in United States as well as abroad, all linked by respect for context and the principles of sustainable design.

Sustainability is a key component of the firm's design philosophy. Our work responds to global challenges by focusing on problem specific design solutions most appropriate to each project. We never forget that the best solutions are the simplest ones with the smallest impact on the natural environment both in terms of initial construction inputs as well as future resource use once buildings are completed. We pride ourselves on material selection driven by a desire to provide the healthiest interior environment possible and to allow for easy maintenance and graceful aging of our structures.

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