Professional Builder 's GreenZone Positions a Woodland Retreat in the Heart of Greenbuild

The Greenbuild Cabin, designed by Resolution:4 Architecture and built by Simplex Homes, invites architects, builders and designers at Greenbuild to see products at work in a modular one-room retreat.

The 806-square-foot cabin is designed to have a strong connection to the exterior, with abundant natural lighting achieved through low-e, Argonne-filled, double-pane glass. With a LEED Platinum certification as the goal, the cabin employs a number of green technologies, including rainwater collection, a greywater system, photovoltaic array, EPDM rubber membrane roofing system and a super-insulated envelope.

Despite its small footprint, the cabin houses a fully functional kitchen and, through its creative use of space and natural lighting, invites residents to live large and open in a wooded environment.